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Exercise Physiologist in Bundaberg for Strength & Personal Training, Powerlifting & Rehabilitation

We’re dedicated to providing the best in evidence-based exercise physiology, strength training, chronic disease management and injury rehab & prevention.

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Limited spaces

We work closely with you to provide unique & individually tailored programs.

Fully equipped gym

Because we’re located in a gym, we have access to a vast range of equipment for all needs.

Collaborative team

Our team has years of experience to support your health and fitness goals.

A holistic approach

We know your strength journey is more than just in the gym so we help long-term, not just a quick fix.

Extensive services to support you

Our experienced team work with a range of people across chronic disease management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as powerlifters, olympic lifters and individuals on their strength training journey.

Judah training with a client
About JR Exercise Physiology

Striving toward greatness

At JR Exercise Physiology, we want to strive towards greatness. With our expert guidance, everyone has the potential for greatness in their fitness journey. We aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who won’t settle for being stagnant and instead want to progress towards the healthiest version of themselves.

Our staff strive to create an environment that promotes both mental and physical improvement through community. We hope to build a tribe of people who are serious about their health and want to strive towards something great.

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“Educational and effective is how I would describe my rehab with Judah. Couldn’t recommend Judah and his team enough.”

Patrick Smith
“I have always loved training with John from JR Exercise Physiology. His energy is always contagious and his enthusiasm is unmatched.”

Alexander Callaghan
“The team is very understanding… While they are professional they also have fun. Both Judah and John always go the extra mile.”

Cameron Chambers

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